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I am proficient in many forms of art, but some of my deepest passions lie in identity, branding, and marketing. I thoroughly enjoy design, and relish the satisfying experience of taking a design concept through the development process and into a viable branding or marketing strategy. I've had a number of such satisfying experiences, with the following some of my recent examples:


    30 August 2014

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Wide Open Logo

Wide Open Media is the parent company of the countries largest outdoor living website: Wide Open Spaces and a number of Southern Lifestyle online publications. They have been steadily growing each quarter and were intersted in doing a rebranding of their logo. They still wanted to convey the idea that they were an outdoor focused organization but also have a clean and contemporary design aesthetic to their branding. These are two comps that I came up with that implemented the juxtaposition of the clean and modern with the wild and rugged nature of the outdoors.

Eye Four Logo

The logo redesign for Eye Four Records was commissioned to me by Dave Plakon (owner, engineer, producer @ North Ave Studios). The original was composed of four bars forming a rectangle and Dave was explicit about his desire to keep the bars. I wanted the logo to be more than a literal 4 'I's and to really tie the image into the concept of a record label based out of North Ave Studios. I came up with the idea of turning the bars into meters like those found on visual play back on tracks or the channels of a sound board. I chose to place the image in a circle rather than sticking with the rectangle to make the logo more dynamic and less monotonous.

PBO Logo

Pensacola Bay Oyster Company is premium oyster farm based out of Pensacola, FL that is proud to be one of only farms located on our Gulf Coast. I was commissioned to do an entire branding package for PBO. This is still a project in progress that will eventually include many forms of merchandise, letter heads, business cards, packaging, and web design. PBO wants to stand out as an oyster company that is delivering a premium product and they wanted a very classic yet modern feel to the logo that delivered that idea of being a classy and premium product. An Oyster that stands a part from the rest to say. I hand drew an oyster and then combined it with a badge vector and type faces that juxtapose to convey a bold contemporary feeling with a professional and classic refinement.

PBO Card
PBO Shirt

Cravat House

Cravat House was a project I took on while living in Tel Aviv. The client wanted a hip and eclectic yet classic look that didn't stray from the classiness of a cravat. The target demographic was 20-30 year fashion conscious young males that might be considered to be members of the hipster crowd. We came up with a design that combined hipster edginess with refined classicism. The design was hand drawn and imported into photoshop and illustrator.

Cravat Sketch
Cravat Mac

RKGC Shirt
RKGV Coozie

Roadkill Ghost Choir commissioned me to make some pieces for their bands merchandise. They wanted a hand drawn feel and something that could be universally applied to merchandise such as tote bags, T-shirts, and koozies. I commissioned two pieces for them one that was a literal image that had a punk art feel and the other was a simple clean hand drawn abstract piece with Futura type face placed over top for the clean and modern look juxtaposed against messy hand drawn lines.

RKGC Armadillo


AFUSAVE stands for African USA Ventures and it is a company dedicated to connecting clients with strategies and information that will help them grow their ventures in Africa. Based out of Florida their business dealings are concerned primarily in Angola. The company was looking to retire a dated MS word style logo in favor for something that was clean, contemporary, and classic.

Kiaya Logo

KIAYA STYLES is an Australian designer and fashion line that solicited me for branding. The client wanted a very urban contemporary look and insisted that a hangar be incorporated into the logo. I went the simple route that would emphasize class and style but remain minimal if being printed on garment tags or merchandise.

Pro Expeditors Logo

PRO EXPEDITORS is a Miami based passport expediting service. Their goal is getting their customers travel visas to countries across the globe quickly and efficiently. The company wanted a worldly logo that gave a speedy travel feel to it.

Tsumaki Logo

TSUMAKI was an exciting new concept restaurant being developed in South Florida. Temakeria's or hand rolled sushi cones are very popular street fare in Japan and Brazil. My clients were opening their first restaurant and came to me with their branding and identity needs. They knew they wanted to incorporate water and the concept of Maki. I came up with the name TSUMAKI combining the words Tsunami and Maki and then carrying that concept through with the wave design in the Tuna Roll featured on the logo.

Vintage Revival

Vintage Revival is an Etsy shop that solicited me for work. The client wanted a very simple but antique and vintage design. I came up with a basic aged medallion logo combination.