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In 2013 I moved to Tel Aviv, Israel where I was awarded the opportunity to join the CON ART Magazine team. I met Sharon Esther CEO and Creative Director of CON ART and suggested some logo and branding ideas for her publication. I began a brand and identity redesign operation and shortly thereafter I was promoted to the position of Brand Manager and heavily involved in Art Direction and Design for an exciting avant-garde fashion, art, and culture publication that is the premier publication for art and fashion in Israel.

My branding work with CON ART began with the logo. CON ART Magazine's mission is to address and subvert modern conventions of fashion and art which form a narrow view of the bourgeoning art and fashion scene made possible by increasing means of communication. CON ART as a brand wanted to at once be classic but also unconventional to reflect the company's ethos. I composed the logo using Steel Fish typeface for a sleek and contemporary look and placed it over the primary color paint blobs which represent at once the fun and unconventional approach that CON ART has to fashion and art and at the same time the bold and stark lines of a iconic magazine logo.


    15 October 2014

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The Con Art site was one of our biggest undertakings as we wanted it to encompass the aesthetic and ethos of the magazine as well as go beyond the limitations of print. One of the biggest challenges beyond tying the two aesthetics was in trying to narrow the focus of the site but still accomplish a lot of the unique features that we wanted to stand out from other fashion magazines. Below is a brief preview of the site in action.

For the T-shirt design we wanted to achieve something that used our logo to maintain brand recognition but also let the wearer feel like they were part of the brand and magazine. We gave the tshirts to employees to wear to be recognized as part of the CON ART team as well as used them for promotional purposes at events and the like.

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One thing that was very important when designing the cover art for CON ART Magazine was to let the artist's work speak for itself. So many fashion and art magazines are littered with copy all over the front of the issue detracting from the beauty of the images themselves. At CON ART we wanted to focus on being a source and venue for unique talent to showcase itself. When designing the covers I went with as minimal approach as possible with the parameters I was given by the Creative Director.

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