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MIT Angola is an international trading company based out of Luanda, Angola. I was comissioned by MIT to do a rebranding and redesign of their company as well as their sister company Barka International. Barka is an international meat production and distribution company based out of Argentina. It was important that both brands have their own distinct identities and aesthetic. My process began at logo and identity and then onto marketing materials and finally the digital presence. I built both sites off the Bootstrap framework to ensure a modern responsive design that will last for years to come.

Below you can view a live demo of both sites in action.


    5 November 2015

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    MIT Angola

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While both companies had similarities the design approach to each logo was very different. MIT is a larger company that focuses on imports and exports to and from Angola and various countries around the world. It was important to them to display this concept in the logo. I decided to make the initials of the company blend into the cyclical design of the logo.

Barka is a derivative of the Portuguese word for 'Boat'. It was important to the client to get that point across. So the logo was designed to include the image of a boat as well as reflect the vibrance and culture of South America.

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Below are some excerpts from the Barka International 2015 catalog which was designed in conjunction with the website. The client wanted a clean and contemporary look that stood out from others in the industry.

Barka Catalog
Barka Catalog
Barka Catalog
Barka Catalog