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Separator was an online publication that I began during my senior year of college. What began as a personal project ended up blossoming into the premiere online publication for music, art, and culture in Florida. The site was active from 2009 - 2012 and unfortunately ran its course as I decided to pursue other career opportunities and sold my business to a Colorado based company which owns the domain and social media networks currently. We started as a small team and grew to over 30+ contributors with interns from multiple universities across Florida. At our peak we were receiving around 400K unique visits a month which led us to expand our platform. We began spreading our reach nationally and became involved in booking, video production, artist management, and events.

When designing the logo for The Dropp I wanted to come up with a clean and sleek design that still reflected creativity and excitement. Following the natural curvature of the tear drop design I choose a lower case helvetica font to carry the continuity and flow of the curves and circles carried throughout the typography I chose a tight kern to draw the viewers eyes straight through the logo.


    30 August 2012<2/p>

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The categories were designed to include the concept of the dropp into each specific category. For instance Mouth Dropps was a food and restaurant section of the blog, Ear Dropps focused on music, Eye Dropps focused on visual art, Ink Dropps on literature, and so on so forth. The Icons were a key feature that tied into the concept of The Dropp. I designed the icons to be clean and simple and incorporated the dropp logo into each icon for cohesiveness with the concept and design of the site and logo.

North Ave Logo

In 2010 The Dropp teamed up with David Plakon part owner, engineer, and producer of North Avenue Studios in Deland, Florida. We were one of the pioneering publications to team up with North Avenue on their outstanding web series Off The Avenue. On OTA I was an Associate Producer as well as Art Director involved with the filming, direction, recording, and editing of various performances. North Avenue Studios is the amongst most innovative and state of the art studios in Florida that has recorded with major artists like: EDWARD SHARPE & THE MAGNETIC ZEROES, WILLIAM MCDOWELL, THE 1975, BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB, LUCERO, HUNDRED WATERS, ROADKILL GHOST CHOIR, REPTAR, SASKATCHEWAN, DAY JOY, MINUS THE BEAR, CURSIVE, HERE WE GO MAGIC, YACHT, CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH, TYCHO, DELTRON 3030, YOU BLEW IT!, FRIGHTENED RABBIT, KING TUFF, MAN MAN, HEARTLESS BASTARDS, and HELIO SEQUENCE.